Street Outreach

PHP Street OUTReach program provides services directly and through multiple community partnerships with area agencies and services. We work closely with other organizations that work to protect and treat young people who have been or are at risk of sexual abuse, exploitation and human trafficking.

We incorporate positive youth development into all programming aspects. We focus on whole person care and support. 

PHP OUTReach services include the following:

  • Street-based education and outreach

  • Drop- in center based education

  • Access referrals to emergency shelter

  • Survival aid

  • Individual assessments

  • Trauma-informed treatment referrals and counseling

  • Prevention and education activities

  • Information and general services referrals

  • Crisis intervention/Stabilization Support

  • Follow-up support

  • Mentorship Opportunities

  • Job Placement Support

OUTReach Areas

  • Downtown Toledo

  • Central Toledo

  • North Toledo

  • South Toledo

  • East Toledo

  • Surrounding communities