Values Statement:

Promise House's values inform our approach to serving homeless and housing insecure youth in our community.

These values are:

Integrity: We do what we say we will do and we do it the right way.

Equality: We hold the tenants that ALL people are equal and deserving of equal rights, dignity, respect and opportunity.

Diversity: Our differences strengthen us and draw us closer as a community.

Excellence: We challenge ourselves to do the best that can be done in the interest of the youth we serve.

Adaptability: We meet the changing needs of the youth we serve as a community.

Family: We support youth and family reunion based only upon what is in the best interests of each youth we serve.

Optimism: Everyone has the capacity to grow and to contribute to the community when supported and given opportunities.

Respect: We treat everyone with respect.

Board of Directors

Courtney Billian- Board President- Founder

Lilian Ann Briggs- Executive Director- Founder

Jeni Belt - General Counsel- Founding Officer

Samuel Harden- Treasurer

Joann Jakeway- Vice President &

Chair of Advocacy

Brian Roush - Media & Marketing

Kathie King - Secretary

Ericka Taylor - Youth Council Co-Chiar

Sheena Barnes - Youth Council Co-chair

Kurt Young - Board Member

Connie Hoffman- Board Member- Founder

Jerri Measly- Board Member

Scott Noonan- Board Member

Mike Friedman- Board Member

Ed Hoffman- Executive Board

DL Adams- Board Member